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What if your garbage can stopped filling up? No, really. Little Lambs put together this gift box not only for moms in search of the best products, but also for our beloved planet. See what’s inside:


Bertyne Menstruel Shorty: Who says Zero Waste can’t be luxurious? These ultra-comfortable shortys in organic cotton are not only super soft, they’re also extra absorbent, making them the perfect solution to let you concentrate on your little one and stop worrying about protection after your delivery. What’s more, they’ll come in handy when your period starts again. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL See Size Chart


Danika Natural and Eco-Friendly Laundry Mix: The hot, zero waste startup from Paris has come out with a hypoallergenic powder that turns into liquid for up to 30 machine loads. Gentle enough for every kind of textile imaginable, including cashmere, silk and wool. It’s compatible with all colors dark and light and it cleans efficiently in cold water. Makes 1L of liquid when mixed with lukewarm water in an empty detergent bottle (see instructions for use).


Holle Organic Cereal Sample in Carbon Neutral Sachet: Impeccable quality standards have made Holle a leader not just in organic and biodynamic baby food, but also in finding eco-responsible packaging solutions. Let us surprise you with one of the following: Millet, Spelt, Banana, Rice, Corn and Tapioca, 3 Grain Porridge, Banana-Semolina.


20g of Bioland Babycare Wool – Nourishes and relieves red, irritated baby bums and sore breastfeeding nipples thanks to breathability and high lanolin content. Absorbs milk leaks, and in doing so, exposes skin to naturally antibiotic breast milk that heals cuts and scrapes that occur as the baby learns to latch on.
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